IRCTC Next Generation e-Ticketing System

A Quick Guide For How To Use IRCTC Website For Online Ticketing

IRCTC Next Generation e-Ticketing System New Features & Facts

IRCTC has been providing the online booking service for some time now. Some record indicates that more than a million people make use of the IRCTC online portal for booking tickets and it is one of the most used public services providing online platform today. In the beginning, using IRCTC website was not, as easy as, it is today. The platform was not user-friendly but eventually, they have changed the design and platform features in such a way that it could help the user easily use the platform.

Here are some of the cool facts and features that were added to the IRCTC portal that every Indian citizen ought to know about
1. In the beginning, as mentioned above, the portal was not easy to use. But, today the portal allows the user to search the trains on a particular date without actual login to an account
Step 1: Open your browser
Step 2: Navigate to the IRCTC Next Generation website or click here

Step 3: On the home screen, you will find the fill-in fields to enter the “From”, “To”, “Date”, and “Class”. Enter these details and click the “Find Trains” button

Now, the list of all trains available on the particular route at the particular date would be displayed on the screen

2. There was always confusion, if the waiting list booked ticket would be confirmed or not so that the user could cancel the ticket and use some other method to get a confirmed ticket. In the new irctc next gen website, there is a feature that displays the probability of a waitlisted ticket getting confirmed before the travel schedule. This feature is very useful to make an informed decision on whether to stick on to the booked ticket or to cancel the ticket and opt for alternative trains or VIKALP schemes offered by the Indian Railways.
Step 1: Open your browser
Step 2: Navigate to the IRCTC Next Generation website or click here
Step 3: On the home screen, you will find the fill-in fields to enter the “From”, “To”, “Date”, and “Class”. Enter these details and click the “Find Trains” button
Step 4: From the list of trains available, click the train you prefer to travel, and then click the “Check Availability & fare” button
Step 5: Now, you will get a new page with several options. The page would be displaying multiple dates on which the particular train is available and below it option saying “Book Now” and “CNF Probability”
Step 6: Click the “CNF probability” to acquire the probability details of if you could get the waitlisted ticket confirmed.
You would now get the probability details on the screen, based on these details you could plan accordingly
3. The VIKALP scheme is a newly launched service of IRCTC that enables any user to find alternative/special train if a ticket is not available on a particular train. The VIKALP scheme is now added to the website as a feature so that the user could check the probability of waitlisted ticket confirmed or cancel the ticket to book another ticket through the VIKALP scheme feature
To use this feature all you have to do is follow the above-mentioned step, the probability of waitlisted ticket confirming is considerably low, the VIKALP feature would automatically be recommended an alternative/special train available on the same date in the same route

4. In the beginning, there was almost only one payment mode available on the IRCTC website. However, the new feature added to the website includes payment through different payment systems like Paytm and MobiKwik. They have also included cash back offers and discounts under some terms and conditions.

5. Now the portal offers an option that allows the user to add Aadhaar and other personal information to his/her account so that the user does not have to add these information during every booking:
Step 1: Login to your IRCTC account, click here to go to the login page
Step 2: Once, you are logged in, place the cursor on the “My Profile” option and from the drop down, select the option “Aadhaar KYC”
Step 3: On the new page enter the Aadhaar number as requested
Step 4: Now, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, copy this OTP and enter in the field as requested on the screen and click the “Verify” button
Step 5: All the Aadhaar card details would be displayed on the screen. Verify the details  and click the “Submit” button
Now, you Aadhaar details would be added successfully to your IRCTC account

6. If you have booked bulk tickets on IRCTC portal a few years back, then you would know the complicated procedures and steps you had to go through to book the tickets. However, today, with the new feature, the user ID if already linked to the Aadhaar, then he/she could book 6+ tickets together. He/she could also book a maximum of 12 tickets a month without any restrictions. All you have to do is keep your account linked to Aadhaar. If you have linked the Aadhaar card to your IRCTC account as mentioned above, it would be easy to add up to 6 passengers on a ticket. If you want to add more than 6 passengers, the same page will have the option to add each extra passengers Aadhaar details. PS: adding each passenger Aadhaar, details will not require OTP verification.

7. There is a new feature in the website “My Transaction” clicking on which you could all the details of the tickets you have booked, including the booking date, journey date, and completed journey details

8. There is this new feature on the IRCTC portal that allows the user to cancel a ticket of a particular passenger from the bulk ticket. All you have to do is log in to the account, then select the ticket, and select the passenger whose ticket has to be cancelled. In this way, the remaining passengers on the ticket could travel with the same ticket and the cancelled ticket charges would be refunded to the bank account automatically:
Step 1: Login to your IRCTC account or click here to go to the login page or
Step 2: Once, you are logged in. On the left-hand side, you would find an option “Booked Tickets”. Click this option
Step 3: Now, a history of all booked tickets will appear. Select from the list the particular ticket to be canceled.
Step 4: On the next page, select “Go for cancellation” option and a table with the passenger details will appear.
Step 5: If there are multiple passengers on the ticket, select the passengers from the list from the column that says “Status Report” to cancel their tickets.
Step 6: Now, click the “Cancel Ticket” button and a new dialog box appears on the screen asking you for the confirmation of cancellation of the particular tickets. Hit the “OK” button to confirm.
Step 8: The website will now display the details of cancellation, remaining passenger details, and the refund amount details.

9. Apart from the above-mentioned facts and feature, one of the latest added features include live streaming of IRCTC base kitchens that enables the user to keep an eye of the food cooked. Therefore, ensure the food they get during travel is safe and hygienic.
To enjoy this feature click here: , on the screen that appears, click the “Click Here For Live Streaming of IRCTC Kitchens- Pilot” option

10. The website today also offers a food menu with price details on the website and order their breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner accordingly. To know the menu, the rates, and other services offered click here , on the screen that appears enter the 10 digit PNR number and then you will get all the details. If you prefer having the food from some 3rd party firm, then, click here

11. Now, there is something really interesting about the new update, most of the people still find it surprising that the IRCTC official portal now allows the user to book flight tickets and not just train tickets.
To book air tickets click here

12. One of the most innovative and useful thing about this website is that they have successfully brought all the services and features under this single portal.
IRCTC Next generation website has been on a path of advancement and updating ever since they launched the services. Let’s expect that the website would become more user-friendly and more features be added in the future.