Check Live Train Running Status Information

A Quick Guide For How To Check Live Train Status In One Click

Checking the Live train is very important for almost everyone who plans to travel by train. If you have no idea of what live train status is, then you should know that it is a feature or a service offered by the Indian railway that allows the user to find out where exactly a particular train is and at what time the train might reach a specific station.

As the name suggests, this feature gives us the real time running time and other details about the train you need to track.

Why is live train status important?

Live train status was launched in order to help the passengers get the details of train real time running details so that they could plan their travel schedule accordingly. Live train status provides three main information to the user “Last reported location”, “Estimated time of arrival”, and “number of halts”. Each of these details enables a user to plan things accordingly.

Status of a running train could change accordingly, especially in Indian railways, the train running a right time could suddenly halt somewhere and the completely remaining scheduled time could change. At times, the delay is adjusted during the running itself so it is very important to keep track of the train status every now and then. There is one more reason why you should consider checking the live train status.

How to check live train status online?

There are more than a dozen websites that offer the live train status service free of all cost, however, we recommend that you rely on IRCTC official website to check the live train status. Here is how you could check the status on IRCTC portal

Step 1: open your web browser

Step 2: navigate to the official website of IRCTC or click here to go directly to the page

Step 3: Now, on the home page of IRCTC you could find the option “Train” place the cursor on this options and drop down with several option appears

Step 4: From the drop down, click the option “Track Your Train”

Step 5: Now, a new tab pops up in your browser with the “National Train Enquiry System” portal.

Step 6: In this new Portal you will find a field that says “Enter Train name/No”, enter the train name or number here

Step 7: Once the details are entered, hit the “Enter” button

Step 8: Select the train from the list and you will find an option on the right-hand side that says “All Running Instances”, click this option

Step 9: Now, a new list would appear, select the appropriate date from the list

The details of the train on the particular date would be displayed on the screen. If you have selected the current date, then the real time running details of the particular train would be displayed. This includes the current location of the train, scheduled arrival time, scheduled departure time, Expected arrival time, delay, expected departure time, and the distance.

How to check live train status via App?

Apart from checking the live train status online, this service could be accessed via Android app. Here are the steps on how to download the app and use it

Step 1: Pick your device

Step 2: Open your Google Play store

Step 3: Now, in the search bar, search for the app NTES or click here to download the app

Step 4: Once the app is downloaded, open the app from the home screen

Step 5: Now, open the app and then from the home page of the app select the option “Spot your train”

Step 6: In the fill-in field that appears on the screen, enter the train number or the train name.

Step 7: Once you have entered the train number or name click the “Show Status”, a list would appear on the screen now. Click on the refresh button on the top and all the real time data of train would be displayed on the screen

How to check live train status via SMS?

Checking live train status could be done via IRCTC website and App. In the same way, it could also be done through SMS method. However, unlike other methods, not all information could be acquired through this method.

Step 1: Pick your device

Step 2: Type “AD” space “Train Number” space “Station Code”, example AD 12625 033

Step 3: Send this message to 139

You will now receive the info via text message.


If you are a person who considers planning and scheduling the entire things in your travel, or if you are a person who prefers keeping track of your train, then you could use any one of the methods to acquire the live train status and enjoy the benefits of the services.