Check PNR Status - IRCTC PNR Status

A Quick Guide For How To Check IRCTC PNR Current Status Enquiry

PNR could be the most heard term while dealing with the Indian railway especially if you are booking a ticket or if you are checking if the ticket booked, is confirmed or still on the waiting list. Yes, it is very important that you remember to check the PNR status once if you have booked the ticket.
What is a PNR number?
 Passenger Name Record (PNR) is simply a 10 digit unique number that is printed on every train tickets booked at the Indian railway. Let it be an online booked ticket or offline booked ticket, if it’s an Indian railway train ticket, then it would definitely have a PNR number printed on it. PS: according to the India Railway, if a bulk ticket is booked, a single PNR number could hold up to a maximum of six passenger details.
What are the details that a user could get by checking the PNR status?
PNR, as mentioned above, is the short form of Passenger Name Record and it does not just hold the Name of the passenger. Other data’s could be acquired by checking the PNR status

  1. Coach
  2. Seat number
  3. If applicable, waiting list or if confirmed
  4. If applicable, RAC (Reservation against cancellation)
  5. If the ticket is confirmed or not, PS: seat number will not be displayed. The seat number would be available only after the chart is prepared
  6. Class of Travel and Fare
  7. If the Chart is prepared or not
  8. Train name and the train number
  9. Status of booking and the Current Status ( e.g. GNWL 25 / S2, 16 )
  10. Boarding station details and destination station details with time
  11. Boarding time

How to check PNR status online?
Checking the PNR status is not that complicated, all you have to do is simply acquire the PNR number and then follow these steps.
More than one site allows the user to check the PNR status. Below, I will provide the details of all reputed and secure websites.
Step 1: Open your web browser
Step 2: Navigate to any one website listed below

  1. IRCTC official website
  2. Indian Railway official
  3. Indian Railways info website -

Step 3: Once you are in any of the above mentioned websites, you would find a fill in field to enter the PNR number, enter the 10 digit PNR number and hit the “Submit”  button
Here are some terms that you could come across while checking the PNR status
How to check PNR status through App?
If you are using an Android device and if you are a frequent traveler in Indian railways, then, it is better that, you download the app that could allow you to check the PNR status with ease.
Step 1: pick up your Android device
Step 2: Open your Play Store app and search for the app “PNR status” or click here to download the app directly
Step 3: Once the app is successfully installed, open the app from the device home screen
Step 4: You will find the several options on the homepage of the app, click the “PNR Status” option
Step 5: Now, on the next page enter the 10 digit PNR number and submit
Step 6: The PNR status would be displayed on the screen
How to check PNR status SMS?
Apart from online and app methods to check the PNR status, the user could check the status through SMS.
Method 1
This service is provided by IRCTC
Step 1: Pick your mobile
Step 2: Type “PNR space <your PNR number>, for example PNR xxxxxxxxxx
Step 3: Send this message to 139
Now, you will receive the PNR status as a text message
Method 2
This PNR status checking service is provided by the railZone
Step 1: Pick your mobile
Step 2: Type “PNR space <your PNR number>, for example PNR xxxxxxxxxx
Step 3: Send this message to 5676747
Now, you will receive the PNR status as a text message

All the details and the methods above were tested and are 100% working if you are planning to travel anywhere book your train tickets and check your PNR status using the above mentioned methods.